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    Clear Stained Honeycomb Suncatcher

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    Watch the sun shine through and display the colours around your room! 🌈 🐝

    Large rainbow coloured stained honeycomb suncatcher window or wall decoration. 

    Featuring a queen bee and her two servants protecting honey combs. Honey almost inevitably represents pleasure and sweetness.

    To dream of honey and particularly eating it can be a reminder we should be doing what it takes to make ourselves happy.

    Enjoy the beauty of divine geometry in acrylic with these bee sun-catchers!

    This is the perfect decoration for any occasion and everyone will be so surprised with this amazing decorations.

    Honeycombs can be propped upright or hung in the top corner of your window. At the right time of day they cast a beautiful pattern of colors!

    🐝The Best Bee Decoration Pendant

    ⭐ Perfect Window Decorations
    ⭐ Colorful transparent pendant
    ⭐ Easy to hang
    🎁 Unique Gif


    ⭐ Material: Alloy
    ⭐ Size: The measures 16cm*17.5cm