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    Ginseng Five Treasures Tea

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    Revitalize Your Senses: Experience the Power of Ginseng Five Treasures Tea!

    Do you have these situations?

    1. Love drinking
    2. sore waist and back
    3. High working pressure
    4. Stay up late and work overtime
    5. Lack of energy
    6. Disharmonious sexual life
    7. Urorrhagia at night
    8. Sore and weak waist and knees
    9. Dizzy

    Is your body Already sounded the alarm?

    Use the Kidney tea,

    Pour in boiling water and brew for 5 minutes, One glass a day, one month later, you weill come to thank me.

    Kidney tea formula:Authentic selection of various raw materials

    Strict selection of authentic raw materials, layer-by-layer screening. multiple deployment, only to bring you a better experience!

    1. Ginseng
    2. Mulberry
    3. Polygonatum sibiricum
    4. Maca
    5. Wolfberry
    6. Yam
    7. Red Dates

    One Cup Daily, Fresh Life

    Herbal formula/fragrant sweet/balanced ratio each link is carefully selected

    A cup of runcha and a confidence

    A cup of five treasures tea helps you feel the long-lost joy and enjoy a good mood every day.

    Tea Bright, Mellow Taste

     Liquor Color Char and Not Turbidity, Pleasant Smell, Color Bright.

    Real Materials, Independent Tea Bags

    Independent pouch packaging easy to carry clean and sanitary one bag each time instant drink

    Product Information

    • Name: Ginseng Five Treasures Tea (Kidney Tea)
    • Ingredients: ginseng (planted manually for less than five years)/mulberry/Polygonatum/macaWolfberry/jujube/Yam
    • Net content: 150g Shelf life: 18 months
    • 1 box: 60 PCS
    • Storage practice: keep it in a cool and dry place, avoid light, and keep it cold at low temperature
    • Taboo group: Pregnant women/nursing women/infants and children under 14 years oldNot suitable for eating

    Product Usage

    • Tea casting Take a pack of Kidney tea, tear open the package and put it in the cup
    • Water injection Pour 300-400ml boiled water to brew