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    Magic Prism Cube

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    ✨Appreciate Light In All Angles!✨

    A truly unique and interactive toy, the Magic Prism Cube will keep children and adults engaged and entertained for hours. Beautiful gift that is educational and a great decoration.

    If you’ve got a child who is learning all about the power of light and it’s ability to reflect and refract, this prism cube is going to be a beautiful creation that will fascinate your child in its look but also its features in learning how it works.


    • Manipulate Light Anywhere
      This tiny cube is compact and easy to carry around. Take it out anywhere and anytime and play with colors and amaze your friends.

    • Vibrant Kaleidoscope Effect
      Looking to spice up your pictures? Include this cube in your photography set up! The instant kaleidoscope effect of this cube radiates light into different colors and results in eye-catching pictures.

    • Great for Science Projects
      Let this cube be part of your science projects. Learn how light refraction works in a fun and entertaining way!

    • Highly Transmissive
      It is built with long-lasting quality of glass panels that are scratch-resistant and highly transmissive.

    So glad we recently developed a pendant version of the Prism Cube, you can now wear this charming thing around your neck!


    • Material: Optic glass
    • Size:
      • Small: 15*15*15mm
      • Large: 20*20*20mm
      • Best: 25*25*25mm
      • Mega: 30*30*30mm
    • Color: Crystal clear
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