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    Portable Baby Bed

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    Over 30,000 parents love Portable Baby Bed !

    A bed that protects your baby's delicate head

    From the early ages of 0 to 7 months, Infants are usually fragile and have a malleable head. Constantly sleeping or laying on a flat surface can lead to flat head syndrome as their head is not strong enough to withstand the pressure on the skull

    Our pediatrician approved infant bed supports and distribute this pressure evenly keeping your baby's head well shaped. It's also designed to mimic the womb of a mother making your baby comfortable, and gives new mom's a reason to sleep peacefully.
    • Helps in reducing flat head syndrome in babies
    • Use at home in a cot/crib/bassinet or take it on the go!
    • Adjustable for newborns up to 12 months
    • Prevents your baby from rolling over

    Eliminates risk of flat head syndrome!

    Provides full body support for babies

    Our baby bed is designed with fitted head support to distribute the pressure on the skull evenly. This helps the baby develop the proper head shape. A raised leg and back support keeps your baby comfortable at all times while aiding in proper digestion and breathing.

    A bed that mimics a mother's womb

    Take a break... your baby will feel like they are in your arms all day! This cocoon-like soothing lounger with elevated roll to aid digestion and its womb-like shape lets the baby rest comfortably.

    Portable, Can be used anywhere

    The baby bed is lightweight, so you can travel with it anywhere you go meaning your little one can still get a wonderful sleep wherever you go.

    It also allows you to enjoy a restful night while your baby sleeps in total bliss

    Anti-rollover shaped pillow

    Baby Bed prevents infants from rolling over in their sleep! It is ergonomically shaped, to mimic that of a female uterus during pregnancy. Research suggests that this is the most comfortable environment for infants which guarantees a better sleep for your little one (and yourself ofcourse)!

    Provides ultimate comfort!

    Made out of soft breathable fabric that keeps the back and neck areas of your little one cool. The padded material provides comfort for your baby, allowing him or her to relax and sleep peacefully.

    Prevents startle reflex!

    Designed to create a cocoon feel that reassures your little one, preventing startle reflex and allowing them to have a more peaceful sleep. It features built-in cushion edges that keep your little one safe and comfortable.

    Suitable for a variety of occasions

    • In stroller
    • In floor seat
    • In bedside
    • In bed

    Product details

    • Size: 55cm length, 22cm width (head), 38cm width (bottom) however can be adjusted to suit your little one

    • Material: Polyester/cotton and is 100% breathable
    • Suitable for up to 16 months old
    • Machine Washable