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    The Ultimate Sliding Pizza Peel

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    The art of pizza

    Indulge in the art of pizza with our Made in Pizza Peel. The clever sliding mechanism makes transferring the pizza into the oven a precision gesture, while the high-quality birch wood lends authenticity to every creation.

    Italian Artisan Excellence

    This Birch Pizza Peel is the result of an in-depth study conducted by Italian artisans who put their heart and soul into every detail. A symbol of quality craftsmanship and Italian culinary tradition.

    Don't let a delicious pizza turn into a moment of misfortune!

    Size Versatility

    This birch pizza spatula is an exceptional choice : 35cm wide with an overall length of 60 cm. Whether for small, intimate pizzas or large, shared pizzas, this pizza spatula will meet all your baking needs.

    Smart Sliding Mechanism

    The real star of this Peel is its sliding mechanism, which turns the critical moment of sliding the pizza into the oven into a breeze. With a simple motion, you can lift the pizza gracefully and elegantly, preventing it from crumpling or precious ingredients from getting scattered all over the place. This innovative mechanism makes the baking process easier and more professional.

    Quality Craftsmanship

    The Peel is made from high-quality PP, a natural material that adds an authentic and aesthetic touch to any culinary creation. It is lightweight and strong, ensuring a durable shovel that will last. In addition,it is easy to clean, which means you can fully indulge your passion without worrying about post-baking.

    Elevate Your Passion for Pizza

    With this Innovative Birch Pizza Peel with Sliding Mechanism, your passion for pizza will reach new heights. This product, , not only enhances pizza preparation but turns every creation into an extraordinary dining experience. Delight friends and family with authentic Italian flavor and discover how the Italian culinary tradition can become a fundamental part of your kitchen with this Peel of excellence.