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    One Tool. Infinite Possibilities

    TurboJet harnesses cutting-edge JetPropulsion Technology to deliver a powerful and efficient gust of wind, making quick work of leaves, debris, and other blowing tasks.

    Removable Magnetic Nozzle

    Features a removable magnetic nozzle for easy cleaning, maintenance, and versatile use.

    Eject Vape/Smoke

    An easy and effective way to never stink up your room/house when you vape/smoke.

    Ever Felt True Power in Your Pocket?

    BBQs Just Got Cooler (Well, Hotter!)

    Say bye to endless huffing and puffing. We're here to boost your grill game.

    Car Wash?

    Dry it effortlessly without bulky blowers or scratch-causing rags.

    Tech Dust? Nah.

    Your computer is probably running slow because of all the dust in it! Keep your PC and keyboard dust-free, without touching a single piece.

    Bugs Away!

    A humane method for touchlessly shooing bugs away without harming them.

    Endless Usability

    From drying your bike seat to cleaning up wood/metal shavings at your workshop, our handy pocket-sized tool is guaranteed to make everyone's life easier.

    A jet turbine that fits in your pocket 👇

    Device Specifications

    • High-Speed Brushless Motor
    • Charge Port: USB Type C
    • Fan RPM: 100,000
    • Air Displacement: 75mph+
    • Controller: 30A
    • Battery: Two Sony C6 18650 Batteries
    • Duration: 10-15 minutes (varies depending on use)
    • Charge Time: 1-2 Hours


    This device delivers an impressive air displacement rate that exceeds 75 mph.

    Prolonged usage may lead to heat buildup. For your safety, we advise using it in shorter sessions and exercising caution to prevent potential injuries.

    If the product becomes excessively warm, allow it to cool down to prevent malfunctions and motor wear.

    When charging, it is crucial to place it in a well-ventilated area, ensuring there are no flammable materials nearby.

    This product is explicitly designed for consumer use and is not suitable for industrial or commercial purposes.

    TurboJet accepts no responsibility for any accidents that may occur as a result of the correct or incorrect use of this product.